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PUSH TROLLEY 10.0T (125-305MM)

Brand: Austlift
SKU: 131030

PUSH TROLLEY 10.0T (125-305MM)

This 10T Austlift Plain Trolley is moved by pushing the load lifted by the trolley, running along a flange of a monorail. A main shaft with spacers you can adjust the width of UB/UC beam. They are widely used in Factories, Mines, Wharves, Docks,Warehouses and Engineering Workshops for installation of equipment in places where no power supply is available.

* High quality sealed ball bearings.
* Identification tag with serial number.
* Proof tested to 2 x WLL with certificate.
* Fitted with anti-drop plates for safety.
* Low headroom by design.
* Complies to AS1418.2.

Hook Eye Dimensions:
Widest: 65 mm
Narrowest: 57 mm
Length: 95 mm

Products specifications
Beam Flange Width 125 - 305 mm
Body Material Steel
Dimension A 468 mm
Dimension B 389 mm
Dimension C 460 mm
Dimension D 237 mm
Min. Radius of Curve 2.0 m
Weight 83.3 kg
WLL 10,000 kg (10T)
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