Brand: Austlift
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3.2 T 16mm Safety Pin Bow Shackle is most commonly used for lifting applications, providing more permanent connections to Chain ,Wire Rope and other rated fittings within the Marine, Agricultural, Mining and Engineering Industries. Suitable for equipment that may vibrate to ensure pin will not dislodge during use. The Safety Pin allows the pin to rotate during loading conditions.

This shackle is recommended for use with our TCR2000 series 2T Air Chain Hoists when hanging from various geared or manual (push) trolleys available, as the top hook will not fit directly into the hanger block of some 2T trolleys. We can confirm if using a "Beaver" Brand push trolley Part# 522020S that the TCR2000 hoists will fit directly into these trolleys. The safety pin bow shackle is strongly recommended for safety reasons. This shackle is compact in size and as such will not add greatly to the "headroom height".

* Conforms to AS2741 manufactured from Grade "S" material in Bow configuration with Safety Pin hot dipped galvanized. Marked with work load limit in tonnes, quality grade, batch numbered, nominal size in millimetre and supplier identification.
* Proof tested to 2 x work load limit, with a minimum break force of 6 x work load limit.
* Test Certificates are available upon request.
* Suitable for lifting applications.

Products specifications
Dimension B 43 mm
Dimension C 16 mm
Dimension D 19 mm
Dimension E 40 mm
Dimension L 61 mm
Dimension W 27 mm
Size 16 mm
Weight 0.76 kg
WLL 3,200 kg (3.2T)
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