RET-RING 1"DR (2-5/8"ID)

SKU: RR10019CG

RET-RING 1"DR (2-5/8"ID)

1" DR X 2-5/8" (66.67mm) ID socket retaining ring with Crush Gauge provides a safe and secure way to retain sockets to your tool, it will tell you when to replace worn sockets!

This part number is suited to 1" drive tools and has a 66.67mm (2-5/8") inside diameter to fit the socket groove. This ret ring fits DJR Team Penske Supercar wheel nut sockets. If the manufacturer changes socket dimensions check the OD of the ret ring fitment location on the socket and contact us before ordering.

This product is invaluable from an operational point, and most importantly a safety point. This product is far safer than the original way sockets are "retained" on the tool. The old way was via a metal pin and o ring, which can have a tendency to cause operator injury when the o ring loses it's tensile strength and can permit the metal pin to come out under rotational force. This can then be a dangerous safety hazard - this polyurethane product eliminates this danger.

Many sizes available for a multitude of applications.


Products specifications
Drive 1"
Inside Diameter (id) 66.67 mm (2-5/8")
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