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150 kg Manriding pneumatic (Air) approved ABS winch. This winch is a dedicated manrinding winch for offshore applications and is supplied with LRS, ABS, DNV design approval. For onshore applications supplied with CE type examination certificate, please contact our sales department to advise the application.

As standard the winch is supplied without wire rope, however it can easily be delivered with rope of your required length fitted ready for use. As standard the control box is fitted to the winch and you can purchase an optional remote control box.

Winch is complete with the following technical specifications:

Working Load Limit : 200 kg in the 1st layer
Line speed : ~24 m/min in the 1st layer
Drum dimensions : diameter,D1= ~244 mm; length,L1= 300 mm; flange diameter,D2= 390 mm
Safety wraps : 3, within the before mentioned drum length
Drum finishing : lefthanded and helical grooved for rh cable with pre welded cable kicker
Fleet distance : minimal 5 m. (distance between drum centreline and centreline 1st sheave)
Drum capacity : 42 meter cable with diameter 10 mm in 2 layers
Cable anchor : 3 off rope clamps at flange
Gearbox specification : high quality industrial helical shaftmounted
Motor specification : Gearmotor, Q= 50 l/sec @ ?P= 6 bar
Control : Standard proportional local joystick control for up, down and red mushroom type emergency stop (see picture at control options section)
Brake specifications : 1st. enclosed internal disc brake (holding force 1,8x W.L.L.) 2nd. automatic failsafe pneumatic band brake (holding force 1,8x W.L.L.)
Emergency control : prepared for 50 l. (300 bar) nitrogen cylinder (t-joint with 3 way valve on inlet)
Paint system / color : According ISO 12944 Category C5-M-Very high marine / RAL 1023 (Trafic yellow)
Class. of mechanism : T4 - L4 - M6 (according to FEM 1.001 and ISO 4301/1)
Operating temperature: -10° to +40° Celsius
Weight : ~300 kg. for reference only
Documentation : 1 off standard documentation package in English with
* Installation, operation and maintenance manual
* Equipment datasheet
* Factory test certificate
* Manufacturers EC declaration of conformity acc. to MD 2006-42-EC.
* 3.1 material certificates on structural steel
* NDT welding report on structural welds

Including : Pneumatic spindle limit switch incl. 2 contacts
Drum guard, galvanized
Slack rope detector for upwards vertical wire rope departure
Pressure roller (assisting spooling device for improved rope winding at no load conditions)
Pneumatic overload device built in stainless steel panel
* 4 off PE pilot lines fitted inside braided stainless steel hose with Nickel plated metal conduits between panel and spindle limit switch
* PTFE stainless steel braided hoses between load limiter panel and remaining components on winch.
Main emergency stop valve
Air service unit 1" pre mounted onto winch, consisting of; regulator, filter and lubricator (lubrication is mandatory to run the winch)

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